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NSCA-CPT Online Practice Exams 1, 2 & 3 (Save 20%)

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*Save 20% by purchasing all 3 volumes at the same time ($108 - $144 if purchased separately)* 


The NSCA-CPT Online Practice Exams 1, 2 & 3 help you get familiar with the nature, scope and difficulty of the actual NSCA-CPT Certification exam. They can help you: 1) develop a clear understanding of the content, organization, and time constraints of an actual exam; 2) evaluate your strengths and weaknesses; and 3) find specific references and resources for further study. Each practice exam contains an entirely unique set of questions for more in-depth exposure to sample exam questions.  Most individuals study a minimum of 3-6 months, depending on base knowledge, and the practice exams should be utilized throughout this process. 


Each Online Practice Exam Features:  

  • 47 questions divided between scientific foundation and practical/applied  
  • Video component to assess exercise technique, anatomy, and biomechanics  
  • Immediate scoring upon completion of the practice exam  
  • References for each exam question  
  • Instructions sent via email 
  • Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase  
  • Non-refundable

Once purchased, exams can be accessed in two ways:
  1. Log in at NSCA.com > click on your name > Click on My Courses and Quizzes  
  2. Log in at NSCA.com> click on Certification > Certification Resources > Online Practice Exams