• High School Strength and Conditioning Course
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    Strength and Conditioning costs $50 and takes two hours to complete. The course includes a resource section with an extensive selection of videos for teaching specific lifts. As with all NFHS Coach Education courses, it is available for a full year after the purchase date.

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    Strength and Conditioning will not only enhance your strength and conditioning knowledge, but help you learn how to create the conditions necessary for students to become better athletes by mastering new skills, enjoying competition with others, and experiencing enhanced self-esteem.

    The course presents the principles of conditioning and Includes in-depth explanations of best practices and over 80 videos demonstrating proper techniques.

    About the Course

    NFHS LogoIn 2012, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) partnered together to develop Strength and Conditioning, a course designed to educate coaches on how to properly train their athletes without adding a greater risk of injury while also educating coaches on how to get the most out of their athletes’ workouts.  

    Tim Flannery, CMAA, NFHS Director of Coach Education, said that the course will help coaches understand what to expect from their athletes. 

    “This course is critically important because it will provide coaches information on many different aspects of lifting and conditioning,” Flannery said.  

    “Many injuries occur because student-athletes are improperly trained or over-conditioned. Coaches need to understand strength and conditioning so they can minimize injuries, and so they don’t over-stress their athletes.” 

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