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The position of President of the NSCA Board of Directors is a volunteer position that is critical to the success of the Association.  Board positions are very active and require attendance at both the National Conference and the Sport-Specific Training Conference.  In addition, it is important to understand the amount of work that is required to effectively participate and govern the growth of the Association.  Please be sure to carefully review the Board of Director job description. 

How to Apply

Candidates wishing to be considered for the President of Board of Directors position must follow these specific steps. If you miss a step, you may not be considered as a candidate for the NSCA President of Board of Directors*.

Step 1.  Understand the qualifications of a Board President candidate.
Step 2.  Complete the Candidate Questionnaire Form (below).
Step 3.  Complete the application form (upon submitting the questionnaire, you will automatically be directed to the application form).
Step 4.  Fulfill the candidate requirements. 
Step 5.  Attach the required documents to the application.

Candidate Requirements

Qualified NSCA Board President Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Fellow or Credentials: All candidates must be a member in good standing and CSCS or NSCA-CPT with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or a Fellow (FNSCA) of the NSCA.
  • Significant contributions to the NSCA: All Presidential candidates will have a history of contributions to the NSCA through publication or service, or both.
  • Influencing/Negotiation: Persuades others; builds consensus through give and take; gains cooperation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals; facilitates “win-win” situations.
  • Oral Communication: Makes clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication.
  • Political Savvy: Identifies the internal and external politics that impact the work of the organization. Approaches each problem situation with a clear perception of organizational and political reality; recognizes the impact of alternative courses of action.
  • Written Communication: Expresses facts and ideas in writing in a clear, convincing and organized manner.
  • Problem Solving: Identifies and analyzes problems; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions; provides solutions to individual and organizational problems.
  • Decisiveness: Exercises good judgment by making sound and well-informed decisions; perceives the impact and implication of decisions; makes effective and timely decision, even when data is limited or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; is proactive and achievement oriented.
  • Integrity/Honesty: Instills mutual trust and confidence; creates a culture that fosters high standards of ethics; behaves in a fair and ethical manner toward others, and demonstrates a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to public service.
  • Vision: Takes a long-term view and acts as a catalyst for organizational change; builds a shared vision with others. Influences others to translate vision into action.
  • Proven senior leadership experience: Has a demonstrated record of senior leadership in management of organizations. The candidates will have a proven record of decision-making and accomplishments. Although not mandatory, it is desired candidates will have served on the Board of Directors of the NSCA. The candidate for President must have the respect and trust of his/her peers.
  • Excellent communication skills: Possess good social and communication skills as the President will represent the NSCA within the organization and to outside organizations. The candidate for President must be able to meet the public effectively and instill confidence and trust.

Required Documents

To be eligible you must be a current member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a CSCS or NSCA-CPT, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited institution or be a Fellow (FNSCA) of the NSCA. The following information must be submitted electronically to no later than December 1:

  • Current vitae or resume 
  • Essay - 250 words or less indicating why you want to serve as President of the Board of Directors.
  • Photo - Recent high resolution “head shot”(300 pixels per inch) in a .jpg, .tif, or .psd format.
  • Cover Letter - Provide a cover letter indicating your request to be considered by the NSCA Nominating Committee. Outline how the NSCA has influenced your career; why you are qualified.
  • Vision Statement - A brief, one-page vision statement outlining (a) the critical and/or substantive issues facing the NSCA, (b) specific goals for the NSCA and (c) an indication of how such goals might be achieved. Please note: This information as written will be used on the election ballot if you are selected. 
  • Questionnaire - Completed Candidate Questionnaire. Please review and fill out carefully following the provided outline. Failure to do so may result in a non-consideration vote by the committee.

Note: If past employee of the NSCA, an individual may not include any NSCA service, education, awards/honors received, events attended, publications written or reviewed or any other services rendered while receiving salary due to NSCA employment. There will be automatic and immediate removal from the election process if a candidate misstates any information on their application or CV. 

* Your application will not be accepted unless you meet these requirements.


Please direct all questions to: Brenda McQuay at, or call 1-855-303-389. Please do not contact any member of the Nomination Committee.

Candidate Questionnaire Form

President of Board of Directors Nominee Name: 

Section A: Leadership/Administration

List Future Professional Goals (related to leadership/administration)  
List Most Significant Accomplishments (related to leadership/administration)  
List Previous BOD Experience (NSCA and Other Organizations) (Include Department Chair, Management or Other Administrative Titles)  

Section B: NSCA Involvement

Committee Service (Dates)    
Clinic Host/Director (Dates)  
National Conference Presentations (Dates)    
Contributions to Strength & Conditioning Publications    
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research Publications     
 Position Papers  
 Miscellaneous NSCA Involvement (Specifics and Dates)  

Section C: General Strength & Conditioning Involvement

Non-NSCA Presentations (Including Clinics & Symposia)     
Non-NSCA Publications (Peer Reviewed)  
Non-NSCA Publications (Non-Peer Reviewed or Books)    
Involvement in developing credibility and making people aware of various aspects of the value of conditioning at the local, regional, national level.  
 Attendance at National Conferences (Date)       
 NSCA Certification (Dates)    


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