Mike Martino, PhD, CSCS

Dr. Mike Martino has been an active volunteer in the NSCA for over 10 years. In this member volunteer spotlight, Dr. Martino expresses his experiences volunteering with the NSCA and provides career advice.

Dr. Mike MartinoDr. Mike Martino is a full Professor and the Exercise Science Program Coordinator at Georgia College in Milledgeville. He recently completed his term as the Southeast Regional Coordinator and Chair of the State/Provincial Director Committee for the NSCA. He has also served as a USA National Team Swimming Coach from 1990 through 2000 and was a member of the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Advisory Coaching Staff in Barcelona and Atlanta. He currently works with the conditioning programs for all sports at Georgia College and is co-owner of Bodyplex Fitness of Milledgeville. His current research includes the physiological responses associated with the Battling Ropes Training System. In 2012, Dr. Martino was recognized as the NSCA Educator of the Year. 

1. How did you get started in your career?
I began my career through my involvement with my collegiate athletic career as a scholarship athlete in swimming at Furman University.

2. Who has helped you achieve your personal career goals? How did they help?
I have had several important mentors in my early career as they guided me to my current position as a university professor and business owner. Dr. Tony Caterisano mentored me during my years as a student athlete at Furman University in Greenville, SC. TC as a I called him was a member of the NSCA and was the one who introduced me to the organization back in 1987. Dr. Phil Bishop guided me during my Master’s and Doctoral work at the University of Alabama and taught me the value of research and bridging the gap between science and application. Both of these professionals and many more have taught me to use my knowledge as the foundation for my application. My training philosophy has evolved from scientific and empirical based research foundations.

3. How has the NSCA helped in your professional career?
The NSCA has provided me with a path that has guided me through a process of professional evolution from an undergraduate student to a university Professor to a business owner who has had the opportunity to travel the world visiting 15 countries to work with world class athletes, coaches, and trainers.

4. In what ways have you been involved with the NSCA?
I started my volunteer work with the NSCA as the Georgia interim State Director for the State/Provincial Director (SPD) program back in 2003 and have been involved with the SPD Committee since my first appointment. I eventually served two consecutive terms as the Georgia State Director and began an unofficial State Advisory Board that was comprised of several passionate and dedicated professionals who have become good personal friends and outstanding peers (Gary Schofield, Michael Dosher, Scott Shetler, and Julian Amadee). During my second term as State Director, I was nominated and elected as the Southeast Regional Coordinator. I have served two consecutive terms in that role while becoming the Vice Chair (2010-2012) and then the Chair (2012-2013) for the NSCA SPD Committee. I have a definite interest in continuing my involvement as a volunteer and would like to run for a position on our Board of Directors in the near future and continue to give back to the NSCA.

5. How has volunteering helped you contribute to your community?
I think my role as a State Director has allowed me to give back locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally since I began presenting at the state clinics and have progressed to the Regional and National Conferences and have also now spoken internationally as a volunteer representative of the NSCA.

6. What personal goals have you achieved by volunteering with the NSCA?
From a personal standpoint, I believe that I have gained many new colleagues and friends who I speak with on a daily basis discussing different training concepts and philosophies. The NSCA and its members have allowed me to continue my passion for teaching and educating people around the world.

7. What advice would you provide to those looking to volunteer with the NSCA?
I advise people to attend NSCA events and network with people and then step up and inquire about opportunities to volunteer and get involved. There are so many great opportunities available and you will network like never before and also gain new lifelong friends in the process.

8. What advice would you give to those just starting out in their career?
Get involved early and look for mentors within the organization who can help guide you down that professional path as I had in my early career as an undergraduate back in 1987. It has been a learning experience and I continue to learn every day through the NSCA.

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