Southeast Regional Conference

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    Southeast Regional

    Southeast Regional Conference

    April 11-12, 2014  


    Gwinnett Civic Center
    6400 Sugarloaf Parkway
    Duluth, GA 30097 

    Hosted by:

    Gary Schofield, Jr. ATC/L, CSCS,*D
    NSCA Southeast Regional Coordinator
    Greater Atlanta Christian School 

    State Sponsors:

    Georgia (State Director- Bryan Pulliam)
    South Carolina (State Director- Josh Ortegon)
    North Florida (State Director- Tom Palumbo)


    NSCA 1.2, BOC 12.0


    Topics and speakers subject to change without prior notification. 

    This clinic may have hands-on sessions. Participants are asked to dress comfortably and only participate within their physical limitations.


    Southeast Regional

    Southeast Regional Conference

    April 11-12, 2014


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    All NSCA Conferences and Events are subject to change location and date; as well as possible cancellation without notice.   

    Speaker, topic, and format subject to change without prior notification

    Holiday Inn Gwinnett Center

    6310 Sugarloaf Pkwy
    Duluth, GA 30097

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    Southeast Regional

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    Event Itinerary

    Friday, April 11

    8:00am-5:30pmSoutheast Regional CSCS Exam Prep Live
    5:00pm-5:30pmOn-Site Registration and Check-In - Day One 
    5:30pm-7:00pmDynamic Warm Up Movement Screen 
    7:00pm-8:30pmBeyond Functional Training 

    Session Descriptions
    Southeast Regional CSCS Exam Prep Live
    by Gary Schofield, Jr., ATC/L, CSCS,*D
    Dynamic Warm Up Movement Screen 
    by Mike Bewley, MA, CSCS, C-SPN, USAW
    During this discussion, Coach Bewley will discuss how to incorporate movement screening into a warm up session and how to evaluate movement efficiency on a daily basis. Movement Corrective Exercises will be reviewed with special attention to mobility and stability issues.
    This topic will focus on Ground-based Rotational Power Development using the Renegade. The purpose is to educate strength and conditioning coaches about integrating explosive, multi-joint rotational movements into their existing S&C program domination mostly by Olympic lifts. This approach will ensure multi-planar movement balance and a higher level of athletic performance. 
    Event Itinerary

    Saturday, April 12

    7:00am-8:00amOn-Site Registration and Check-In
    8:00am-9:00amAtlanta Falcons Performance Testing 
    8:00am-9:00amPilates Integration into Rehabilitation Programs: A Lab Course Featuring Mat Work and Reformer Exercises
    9:00am-10:00amMovement Screening for the High School & Collegiate Athlete
    9:00am-10:00amThe ESSENTIALS of a Successful ACL Return to Play Program
    10:00am-12:00pmReactive Agility: Developing Speed that Transfers to Sports
    10:00am-12:00pmOvercoming the Myth of Proprioceptive Training
    12:00pm-1:00pmLunch (Provided)
    1:00pm-2:00pmThe Science of Recover- Getting the Scoop on Sports Nutrition and the Workout Recovery Process 
    2:00pm-3:30pmCracking the Neural Code- The Future of Coaching
    3:30pm-5:00pmEvaluating Overhead Athletes: New Ways to Look at the Same Old Problems
    5:00pm-Closing Remarks 

    Session Descriptions
    Sports Performance Series (Room BC)
    This session will review the testing process of the Atlanta Falcons football team. Special attention will be paid to the process and scientific rationale behind its application. Specific examples and descriptions will be provided.
    Sports Rehabilitation Series (Room A)
    A hands-on session, demonstrating the value of integrating the principals and techniques of Pilates into a rehabilitation program. Both mat work and Reformer exercises will be discussed and demonstrated in a lab course format 
    Movement Screening for the High School & Collegiate Athlete
    by Gary Schofield, Jr. ATC/L, CSCS,*D and Mike Martino, PhD, CSCS, CBRC, CES
    Sports Performance Series (Room BC)
    The presenters will share research data that has been collected at Georgia College over the past 4 years revealing some of the dysfunctional asymmetries that exist in specific sports teams. These results will help to guide strength and conditioning specialists, sports coaches, and personal trainers in designing and implementing more effective movement corrective strategies within their warm-up routines, mobility sessions, and conditioning programs. Specific attention will be shown as how to implement with large groups and teams. 
    Sports Rehabilitation Series (Room A)
    During this interactive presentation participants will learn:
    •The latest trends and research for designing programs that get results
    •The key mobility and stability exercises that best address lower body performance
    •The mental quality that every athlete must have in order to successfully return to play
    •Specific coaching cues and feedback strategies to use with your athletes
    •A simple field test for screening athletes used to take the guesswork out of program design
    •Why you must be intentional about designing training environments plus more!

    Sports Performance Series (Room BC)
    Speed development is one of the most important aspects of human performance. However, if speed is developed independent of the decision making aspects of sport then transfer is threatened. This presentation and practical will discuss the evolution of reactive agility and how to develop speed that transfers to sport. A practical review of the the literature in addition to a systematic approach to developing testing and training around reactive agility is presented. Anyone who works with athletes or wants to present a diverse challenge to their clients will benefit from this fresh look at agility training. 
    Overcoming the Myth of Proprioceptive Training
    by Guido Van Ryssegem, MS, ATC/R, CSCS, NBFE, RN
    Sports Rehabilitation Series (Room A)
    Although it is often assumed by the exercise and health experts that balance exercises and interventions improve proprioception, very little proof confirms that and that proprioceptive training may actually be a myth. The presenter will review the hard facts on what balance and proprioception really are. Also, the presenter will argue and propose why balance training should be performed differently per population (sedentary, fit vs. athlete) so we can learn, relearn or optimize balance control at the cognitive level and thereby optimally restore or enhance postural control. This will take wobble board and other unstable surface training to the next level. 
    Lunch will be provided onsite. Attendees will be available to network and visit sponsor tables and vendor booths. 
    Combination Sports Performance & Sports Medicine Sessions (Room ABC)
    Cracking the Neural Code- The Future of Coaching
    by Guido Van Ryssegem, MS, ATC/R, CSCS, NBFE, RN and Nick Winkelman, MSc, CSCS,*D, USAW, USATF
    Combination Sports Performance & Sports Medicine Sessions (Room ABC)
    In the last couple of decades, technology advances have opened new horizons for the scientific study of motor control, motor learning and their relationship to rehabilitation, movement and performance. The presenters will discuss why and how some of the motor control and motor learning principals can be applied to your populations. Their evidence-based approach will take your coaching knowledge and skills to the next level. 
    Combination Sports Performance & Sports Medicine Sessions (Room ABC)
    In this presentation, the speaker will cover the most common injuries faced by throwers; the movement impairments and mechanical issues that contribute to these issues; and receive programming strategies, exercise recommendations, and the coaching cues to meet these challenges. 
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