From the Field with Paul Goldberg
    Paul Goldberg, CSCS, RD, is currently the Human Performance Program Coordinator at 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Tactical Human Optimization Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconditioning (THOR3) at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, CO. Now in his 20th year as a strength coach and Registered Dietitian (RD), Paul comes from a tactical training and professional sports background.
    From the Field with Ryan Massimo
    Ryan Massimo, CSCS, TSAC-F, USAW, currently serves as a Combat Fitness Specialist at the Headquarters for the United States Marine Corps (HQMC) Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division. Ryan's primary duties and responsibilities are developing policy for field staff at the installations, and heading up the High-Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) program.
    From the Field with Tyler Christiansen
    Tyler Christiansen, CSCS,*D, USAW, RSCC, is a veteran soldier currently working as a Human Performance Specialist with the U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group. Christiansen has worked with tactical athletes in the Special Forces community, as a TSAC Coordinator at the NSCA, and as an Exercise Physiologist at the Army Physical Fitness Research Institute. Christiansen has also worked with sport athletes at the collegiate and pro levels.
    From the Field with Ron Sheppard
    Ron Sheppard is the Sergeant of the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Tactical Enforcement Unit. He has been a police officer for 23 years and has been a SWAT Operator for over 15 years.
    From the Field with John Bennett
    Lieutenant John R. Bennett, MS, EMT-P, CSCS, is the Tactical Fitness and Readiness Program Coordinator for Seminole County Fire Department. He is the Chair of the Central Florida Firefighter Fitness Collaborative where they are advocating agency-to-agency co-ops and focusing on advancing a clear framework for running a readiness program. Bennett also instructs biomechanics, exercise physiology, and internships at the University of Central Florida.
    From the Field with Austen Collie
    Austen Collie, MS, CSCS, TSAC-F, works for Anautics, a contractor to the U.S. Army. Collie is the lead Army Master Fitness Trainer instructor in his mobile training team. Collie trains Army soldiers on how to properly perform Army Physical Readiness Training as mandated in the FM 7-22 as well exercise science classes such as Skeletal Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and kinesiology.
    From the Field with Mark Abel
    Mark Abel, PhD, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky where he conducts research to improve the safety, health, fitness, and performance of tactical athletes.
    From the Field with Jill Craig
    Jill Craig is the Wellness/Fitness Coordinator and Lead Exercise Physiologist for the Austin Fire Department. Craig serves as technical advisor to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and to the task force that authored the IAFF-IAFC Fire Service Wellness-Fitness Initiative.
    From the Field with Guy Leahy
    Guy Leahy is currently serving as an exercise physiologist in Tucson, AZ. Leahy is a member of the ACSM and NSCA, and is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® certified. Leahy is the author/co-author of over 30 professional articles.
    From the Field with Austin Latour
    Austin Latour is an Aerospace/Operational Physiologist in the United States Navy as a lieutenant commander. He currently serves as the Exercise Physiologist and Command Fitness Leader (CFL) Program Manager for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations N17 in Millington, TN.