Sports Nutrition for Recovery
    Applying sports nutrition for recovery is the key theme to this short article. If you have ever asked “how much protein?” or “how many carbohydrates?” you will find the answers here.
    Prescreening for the Personal Trainer
    We all know that exercise is a key component to health but it is inherently risky. In this article, Ed McNeely provides you with the four steps every client should complete before working out with a personal trainer.
    Exercise Modifications and Strategies to Enhance Shoulder Function
    Personal trainers often deal with clients suffering from shoulder pain and dysfunction. This article addresses shoulder anatomy, shoulder function, and the factors that contribute to stability and function.
    Anaerobic Conditioning: Training the Three Energy Systems
    This article offers information on the three bioenergetic systems - the ATP-PC system, the glycolytic system, and the oxidative system - and how to train them appropriately for performance. With this knowledge, the reader will be able to prepare an athlete with the conditioning foundation needed to succeed in their sport.
    Training Ideas for Group Physical Training
    Physical training for the military has been largely composed of body weight and aerobic training; however, this type of training is not appropriate for preparing tactical athletes for the physical demands of their work tasks. This article provides tactical athletes with a new perspective on how to include strength and power movements into a group training program.
    Arm Deceleration Training for the Baseball Pitcher
    This article offers information on arm deceleration training techniques to lessen the force that a pitcher’s arm must overcome during the pitching motion. Two factors are discussed that are important in the strength training of a pitcher: 1) the speed of the arm prior to deceleration; and 2) how a muscle or muscle group works to achieve arm deceleration. This article also includes alternative arm deceleration exercises for immediate use in programs.
    Core Training: Evidence Translating to Better Performance and Injury Prevention
    Dr. Stuart McGill is an expert on the subject of core training. In this article, Dr. McGill provides a review of key anatomy, the role related to low back disorders, testing and evaluation information, and core training progressions.
    Basic Training Concepts for Improved Operational Fitness
    The tactical athlete must train in an appropriate manner for his or her job, one that does not include training individual muscles in isolation. This article is recommended reading because it provides a basic understanding of the physiology and biomechanics of training.
    Applying the In-Season Periodization of Strength and Power Training to Football
    This article offers a unique look into strength and power maintenance of football players (rugby or American) during the in-season period. This article provides an interesting perspective on how to maintain strength and power in sports that have longer seasons and usually result in larger performance decrements throughout that time span.
    Functional Foods, Beverages, and Ingredients in Athletics
    In this NSCA Classic article, Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, discusses functional foods and the ingredients that go into them.