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Nashville to host annual gathering of the nation’s top coaches and strength and conditioning professionals

Pros who work with high school, college and professional athletes will learn the latest real-world strategies for creating world-class programs.

This January, Nashville will host the finest gathering of top professionals in the field of strength and conditioning. Strength and conditioning coaches, sports researchers and others will attend the 2013 National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Coaches Conference. The information they bring back will help them to build outstanding athletic programs for athletes of all ages, from those enrolled in children’s soccer leagues to adults competing in college and professional sports.

As the worldwide authority on strength and conditioning, the NSCA ( is excited to present a conference program filled with a combination of educational and hands-on training presentations. These presentations include details on the safest programs and exercises for speed, agility and power, as well as presentations on nutrition.

Participants will also hear keynote speaker Phillip Fulmer, legendary head football coach of the University of Tennessee for 17 years. Coach Fulmer was recently inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Awards honoring the Collegiate Strength Coach and Assistant Strength Coach of the Year will also be presented.

Distinctive Educational Opportunities

This is a national conference like none other, including the opportunity to hear from Ron McKeefery, CSCS,*D and staff on the University of Tennessee’s strength and conditioning philosophy. The pros return to their hometowns with skills and knowledge that are shared with students, clients, friends, family and neighbors. Some of the presentations include:

The Pros and Cons of CrossFit for High School and Collegiate Athlete Performance

CrossFit has grown in popularity. But is it the best option for these age groups? Paul Fleschler, CSCS will compare and contrast CrossFit with other traditional, proven and research-based training methods.

Supplements vs. Whole Foods: Pros and Cons

Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS, will show the pros an approach to organizing their team’s food supply, making it easier for athletes to build meals that support their individual needs. This simple, three-step approach is called Fueling Tactics that that athletes can grasp and put into action when eating with the team or on their own. The three steps focus on immune health, non-protein calories and protein calories which will also parallel with some safe dietary supplements. The adaptation payback to hard working athletes is tangible when their sleep, diet and lifestyle come together.

Off-Season Strength and Metabolic Conditioning for Baseball

Pre-season conditioning helps athletes to avoid training injuries. Coaches will learn about a 14-week, off-season conditioning program designed to increase muscular strength and improve metabolic conditioning in baseball players. Gene Coleman, EdD, CSCS, RSCC*E will give them information and drills for movement preparation, myofascial release, lateral speed and agility, core stability, strength and power, muscular strength, endurance and power, flexibility, mental toughness and team cohesiveness.

Real World Coaching: Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Strength training is a valuable tool for enhancing endurance performance. Greg Haff, PhD, CSCS,*D, FNSCA, will review the role that strength training plays in the development of the neuromuscular engine that underpins endurance performance. Participants will also get practical information about how strength improvement and the rate of force development impact endurance performance.

Training and Recovery: Coaching Athletes on the "Why" and "How" to Optimize Performance with Whey Protein

Sponsored by the National Dairy Council. Athletes continuously strive to optimize their performance and recovery times. Meeting these goals is a unique and individualized challenge directly tied to improving metabolic efficiency, training cycle changes, body composition and weight goals, and nutrient intakes and timing. Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN and Susan Kundrat, MS, RD, CSSD will review the most recent scientific approaches to optimizing performance and recovery with an emphasis on why and when to incorporate whey protein into the diet. Additionally, they will discuss new places to look for whey-containing products in our food supply, and through a live cooking demonstration, show how to incorporate whey powder into popular, everyday dishes.

The NSCA’s Coaches Conference will be held January 4-5, 2013 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville, TN. For a complete list of presentations and additional information about the nonstop activities to be held during this event, visit

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